New academic programs

New Programs: Applied Physics, Biotechnology, Nursing

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  • California State University at San Marcos has started a major in applied physics.
  • Johns Hopkins University is starting two online master's degree programs related to biotechnology: a master of science in biotechnology and a master of science in bioscience regulatory affairs.
  • Macon State College is starting a bachelor of science in nursing pro
  • New Programs: Game Engineeering, Aesthetics and Politics, Japanese, Culinology, Conservation Biology

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  • Boston University is starting a graduate certificate in interactive multimedia and game engineering.
  • The California Institute of the Arts is starting a master of arts program in aesthetics and politics.
  • New Programs: Biotechnology, American Indian Studies, Education

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  • Duquesne University is adding a master of science in biotechnology.
  • San Diego State University is starting a bachelor's degree in American Indian studies.
  • The University of Pittsburgh's history and education departments are offering a new master of arts in history educatio
  • New Programs: Nursing, Forensic Science, Yup'ik, Specialized Journalism, Construction Science

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  • Duke University is starting a three-year doctor of nursing practice program.
  • Olivet College, in Michigan, has started a minor in forensic science.
  • The University of Alaska at Bethel is starting a bachelor's degree in Yup'ik language and culture.
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  • New Programs: Creative Writing, Jewish Leadership, Media Psychology, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Nursing

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  • Chatham University, in Pennsylvania, is starting a low-residency M.F.A.
  • New Programs: Engineering, Africana Studies, Peace Studies

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  • American University in Cairo is starting bachelor of science degrees in architectural engineering and computer engineering.
  • Long Island University is starting a minor in Africana studies at the institution's Brooklyn campus.
  • The University of Notre Dame is starting a Ph.D.
  • New Programs: Graphic Design, Nursing, Ski Business, Environmental Studies, Education, EMT Management

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  • Davidson County Community College, in North Carolina, is starting a three-semester practical nursing program, with a mix of online and in-person instruction.
  • Mansfield University of Pennsylvania is starting a bachelor of science degree in graphic design.
  • Marquette U
  • New Programs: Applied Engineering, Nursing, Church Management

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  • Bemidji State University, in Minnesota, is starting a new bachelor of applied science program in applied engineering.
  • Georgia Southern University is starting a doctor of nursing practice degree program.
  • Villanova University has started a master of science in church management.
  • New Programs: MBA, Security Studies, American Indian Studies, Sustainability, Education, Religious Studies

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  • Polytechnic University, in New York, is starting an M.B.A.
  • New Programs: Math, Nursing, Computational Science, Business and Law, African-American Studies, Languages and Cultures

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  • Bryant University has started a major in applied mathematics and statistics.
  • Defiance College and Northwest State Community College, both in Ohio, are starting a joint B.S.
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