New academic programs

New Programs: Theater Management, Family Ministry, Business and Technology, Nanoscience, Web Development, Production Management, Political Science, Special Ed, Environmental Science, Motorsport Management

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  • California State University at Long Beach is starting a new M.B.A./M.F.A.
  • New Programs: Rehabilitation, Hebrew, Education, Technologies, Ecology, Biology

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  • Assumption College, in Massachusetts, is starting an online master's program in rehabilitation counseling.
  • Brandeis University and Middlebury College have announced a new joint summer program in Hebrew, which will start next year, joining nine other summer programs offering intense language training.
  • New Programs: Anglican Studies, Information Assurance, Educational Leadership, Engineering Technology, Nursing, Architecture, Information Management

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  • Azusa Pacific University is starting a six-course graduate concentration in Anglican studies.
  • Davenport University, in Michigan, is starting a master of science program in information assurance.
  • George Washington University is starting a post-master's certificate program in educational leadership
  • Bard Brings Finance Into the Fold

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    Its new dual-degree program targets students who want a traditional liberal arts education mixed with a background in business (no marketing, please).

    New Programs: Public Health, Fine Arts, Business, Science

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  • Capella University has started an online master's degree in public health, with specializations in health management and policy and social and behavioral sciences.
  • John Wood Community College, in Illinois, is starting an associate degree in fine arts, with concentrations in either music education or music performance.
  • New Programs: Biotechnology, Education, American Indian Studies

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  • Calhoun Community College, in Alabama, is starting an associate degree program in biotechnology.
  • Converse College, in South Carolina, is starting a master of arts in teaching, designed for people who have earned bachelor's degrees in fields other than education.
  • The University of Florida is starting a minor in American Indian
  • New Programs: Criminal Justice, European Union Studies, Sustainable Design, Environment, Engineering

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  • Danville Community College, in Virginia, is starting new certificate programs in law enforcement, corrections and protective services.
  • James Madison University, in Virginia, is starting a new master of arts in political science with a concentration on European Union studies.
  • New Programs: Emergency Services, Electroplating, Nursing, Public Health, Law

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  • Adelphi University, in New York, is starting two online degrees in emergency services administration.
  • Del Mar College, in Texas, is starting an associate degree in electroplating applied technology.
  • Johns Hopkins University is starting a doctor of nursing practice degree.
  • New Programs: Pharmacy, Food, Social Work and Law, Nursing

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  • Concordia University Wisconsin has announced plans to open a pharmacy school in the 2009-10 academic year.
  • Indiana University at Bloomington is starting a Ph.D.
  • New Programs: Business, Chicano/Latino Studies, IT Service, Public Health

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  • The City University of New York is starting an online bachelor's program in business, designed for students who left college in good standing without a bachelor's degree. The program involves professors throughout CUNY and is offered through the School of Professional Studies, part of the Graduate School and University Center.
  • Michigan State University is starting a Ph.D. program in Chicano/Latino studies.
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