New academic programs

New Programs: Construction Management, Health and Kinesiology, Theater, Psychology and Child Development, Environmental Studies, Criminal Justice and Nursing

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  • Chattanooga State Community College, Cleveland State Community College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga are offering a joint degree in construction management, which can be taken through a 2+2 program by starting at one of the community colleges.
  • The University of Houston is starting a master's degree in theater.
  • New Programs: Global Politics, Accounting Technology, Nursing

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  • Carnegie Mellon University is introducing global politics as a new undergraduate major.
  • Seminole Community College, in Florida, is starting a associate of science degree in accounting technology.
  • Valparaiso University is starting a doctor of nursing practice program.
  • New Programs: Architecture, Energy Technology, Life Sciences MBA, Information Management

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  • The Cooper Union has started a new, full scholarship master's program in architecture.
  • New Programs: Planning, Sustainable Construction, African-American Studies, Engineering and Architecture, Management

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  • The College of Charleston is starting a graduate certificate program in urban and regional planning.
  • Gateway Community College, in Connecticut, is starting a certificate program for people who want to advise groups or individuals on how to construct sustainable buildings.
  • Indiana University at Bloomington is starting a Ph.D.
  • New Programs: Mathematical Biology, Animation, Fine Arts, Public Health, Divinity and the Professions

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  • Colgate University is starting a major in mathematical biology.
  • DePaul University is starting two majors -- one a bachelor of arts and the other a bachelor of science -- in animation.
  • Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, in Minnesota, is starting an associate of fine arts p
  • New Programs: Mechatronics, Science and Society, Exercise Science, Engineering, Criminal Justice, International Relations, Sound Recording

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  • Five community and technical colleges in South Carolina have started a new degree program in mechatronics, which combines control systems, computer systems, and mechanical systems.
  • New Programs: Leadership, Wind Energy, Public Safety, Autism Treatment, Polish

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  • Black Hills State University, in South Dakota, is starting a master of science degree in strategic leadership.
  • New Programs: Information Systems, Hotel and Restaurant Operations, Nursing, Culinary Science

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  • California Lutheran University is starting a master of science in information systems and technology.
  • Kapiolani Community College, of the University of Hawaii, is starting a certificate program in hotel and restaurant operations.
  • The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is starting a doctor of nursing pra
  • New Programs: Nursing, Digital Media Design, Plastics Engineering, Health Management

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  • Mount St. Mary's College, in California, is starting a program that will train nurses with associate degrees to earn a master's degree in nursing in three years.
  • The School of Visual Arts is starting an M.F.A.
  • New Programs: Psychoanalysis and Culture, Nursing, Bilingual Education, Environmental Studies, Financial Services

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  • The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis has started a new program in psychoanalysis and culture.
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