Australian government backs away from vow to audit 'ridiculous' research grants


After campaign vow to crack down on "over the top" research studies and redirect funds to other areas, Australia's government shows no signs of intervening in grant-making decisions.

Australian government orders inquiry into foreign student plagiarizing


Education minister, concerned by reports of rampant cheating by international students, directs quality assurance agency to examine institutions' policies.

Australian university says raising tuition will lead to scholarships for many more students

Prominent university says government's proposal to deregulate tuition will allow it to give scholarships to a third of its students; critics say Sydney's plan will help it cream students from other universities.


Tuition discounting poised to invade Australia

As Australia prepares to deregulate the setting of tuition prices, experts there warn that universities will begin offering cut-price “scholarships” while maintaining high sticker prices as markers of quality.

Australian state leader calls for merger of 3 universities

Leader of an Australian state suggests combining its universities -- an idea rejected two years ago as unlikely to reap benefits.

Opposition grows to Australian plan on university fees and loans

Opposition grows from institutions and students to government's plan to uncap university tuitions and impose interest rates on student loans.

New federal budget in Australia lets universities raise fees and pulls back on loans


Government's "radical" changes will let institutions set their own tuition fees and require students to pay interest on their loans at lower income thresholds.

Australian panel proposes sharp boost in student loan interest rates

Students should pick up greater share of the costs of their university education, Australian government panel recommends.

Australian panel calls for giving federal funding to for-profit education providers

Report says letting government funds flow to for-profit higher education providers will strengthen production of sub-baccalaurate credentials.

Academic extremism could hurt Australian universities, minister warns


Australia's education minister warns that professors' political stances -- on the Israeli boycott, for example -- are "needless controversies" that can hurt their universities' reputations.


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