University of Nevada at Las Vegas to end relationship with its Singaporean partner

UNLV is the latest Western university to end its branch campus in Singapore -- at least in its current form.

Yale faculty resoultion expresses concern about Singapore campus

Over objections of Yale's president, professors approve measure demanding more attention to issues of freedom as university helps create new campus in Singapore.

Yale faculty raise governance questions about decision to open branch in Singapore


Faculty raise questions about oversight of Yale’s new outpost in Singapore. Some wonder why they never got to vote on the project.

Campus dining has played key role in rise of National University of Singapore


University serves a meal, on average, every 1.4 seconds.

Singapore opens door to liberal arts approach


In Singapore, students are attracted to an approach beyond professional training.

President of Nanyang Technological University discusses academic freedom in Singapore

President of Nanyang Technological University urges Western academics not to take a "normative approach" on universities in Singapore.

A Divorce in Singapore

Johns Hopkins program, seen as pathbreaker for global graduate education, to close -- amid acrimony from former partners.

Rights for Some People

Some NYU students question hire of visiting professor from Singapore -- who campaigns to keep gay sex illegal -- to teach human rights.

Anti-Gay Scholar Rejects NYU

University defended her appointment to visiting position, but announces that she withdrew. NYU also says it didn't know of her statements on gay people when it selected her, but that they wouldn't have been relevant.

Habitats for Academic Freedom


In weighing a proposed outpost in Singapore, Yale considers the parameters of inquiry and speech in a more authoritarian society.


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