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The Second International Conference on Electronics and Software Science

Mon, 11/14/2016 to Wed, 11/16/2016


Kagawa University

The Third International Conference on Green Computing, Technology and Innovation

Tue, 12/08/2015 to Thu, 12/10/2015


43300 Serdang, Universiti Putra Malaysia

2nd Next Generation Learning Spaces

Mon, 02/29/2016 to Wed, 03/02/2016


Atlanta , Georgia
United States

U.S. inspector general criticizes accreditor over competency-based education

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Education Department's Office of Inspector General criticizes a regional accreditor over its review of competency-based education programs, citing faculty role.

Clearinghouse finds number of first-time college graduates declining

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Number of undergraduates earning a first college credential falls as economy rebounds, according to new National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report.

Nonacademic skills test from ETS fills in blanks on student's likelihood of success

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Colleges are using a nonacademic skills test from ETS to try to boost graduation rates and in remedial course placement. One university gives the test to all its athletes.

Community college in New Jersey struggles to break through with adaptive math courses

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Newark's Essex County College tried adaptive learning software to improve remedial math success rates. It hasn't worked, as students and faculty have struggled with the "self-regulated" approach to learning.

Michigan community colleges find success in training employees for businesses

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Michigan's community colleges have found success in tapping an unusual funding mechanism to partner with local employers to train new employees.

Two American U. professors say they didn't get tenure due to their age

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Getting tenure is never guaranteed. But two American U. professors say they don't know what -- other than their age -- could have counted against them in their recent tenure denials.


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