Ivy League will not play fall sports in 2020

Conference is first Division I league to postpone its fall football season, which some believe could influence other institutions' plans.

Harvard and MIT sue to block new rule on international students and online enrollment

Harvard and MIT file suit to block a new directive from Immigration and Customs Enforcement that would prohibit international students in the U.S. from taking an all-online course load this fall.

Trump administration pushes for colleges and schools to reopen

As the Trump administration pushes for colleges and schools to reopen, Congress heard a call to do so without worsening the pandemic's racial impacts.

Coronavirus roundup: More universities announce plans for largely online fall terms

Rutgers, Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown announce mostly online fall terms while ICE says international students cannot study fully online and remain in U.S. Georgia system reverses course on masks.

Coronavirus roundup: Dartmouth flip-flops on deferrals; Spelman's online discount

Dartmouth reverses course on letting freshmen postpone enrollment. Spelman offers discount for remote instruction. Mount Holyoke won't play varsity sports. Some college football coaches discuss intentional, teamwide immunity.

Pandemic-related uncertainty leads some students to consider tuition insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has caused more colleges and families to consider taking out tuition insurance, but it would not have helped the students who are seeking tuition refunds for the spring's forced transition to remote learning.

Cornell researchers say in-person semester for university safer than online one

Researchers at Cornell University have concluded an online semester at the university will result in more COVID-19 infections than an in-person one. The university is reopening, with plans to monitor students and moderate misbehavior.

Admissions deans release statement on what students and colleges should know

More than 250 admissions deans issue statement valuing self-care and family care -- and urging students to share the context to understand their situations.

Williams drops cost of attendance in recognition of coronavirus-related circumstances

Williams reduces cost of attendance by 15 percent to recognize changes in the student experience and continuing uncertainty amid the pandemic. Will other, less wealthy colleges follow suit?

Faculty concerns about the fall are mounting


Professors across institutions increasingly wave red flags about the private and public health implications of default face-to-face instruction come fall, along with a lack of shared decision making in staffing and teaching decisions.


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