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Dead Ideas: Reflections
for Post-Pandemic Learning

The forced experiment in hybrid and online education due to COVID-19 has called into question a host of generally accepted teaching practices, write Soulaymane Kachani, Catherine Ross and Amanda Irvin.

What Will Remain?

As colleges and universities return to in-classroom teaching, what practices that emerged during the pandemic will carry over? Shigeru Miyagawa and Meghan Perdue offer some answers.


Rejecting Remote Proctoring

University of Michigan Dearborn made a universitywide decision to reject remote proctoring and invest in faculty development instead.

Moving Into the Long Term

With some colleges and universities planning to continue online learning into the spring, students are now looking at over a year of learning from home. How will their well-being and academics be affected?

Hope Still Matters

A year to the day after writing about hope, Mays Imad reflects upon how faculty can experience and impart hope to students even now -- when many are, in fact, feeling hope-depleted themselves.


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