Transforming Teaching & Learning

Crisis and Opportunity for Faculty Development

A professor put in charge of her campus's tiny teaching center in the midst of the pandemic discusses the problems and potential of tapping in to fellow faculty members' newfound thirst to get better.

Transforming Teaching & Learning Archive

Online Education and Authentic Assessment

A common question these days, writes Douglas Harrison, is "How do we keep students from cheating on online exams?"

Grading for a Pandemic

How lenient, or not, should professors be with students right now?

How Teaching Changed in the (Forced) Shift to Remote Learning

New survey documents how professors view this spring's mass move to virtual courses. Key findings: most used new teaching methods, half lowered their expectations for the volume of student work -- and a third for its quality.

Is Pass-Fail an Equity Issue?

Students petition University System of Georgia for pass-fail grading. System's leaders say they trust professors' judgment and students' abilities and will maintain letter grades.

Questions for Connection and Purpose

We need to be intentional and consistent in creating spaces in our classes for students to engage with the evolving world around them, write Jill DeTemple and John Sarrouf, who provide suggestions to help instructors do so.


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