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Minerva, Higher Ed Outsider,
Is Now Fully Accredited

The unabashed “Ivy League alternative,” birthed from an investor-backed start-up, gains a very traditional stamp of approval.

3 Strategies for Inclusive Pedagogy

Jamie Landau has found that a communication and racial justice perspective has enabled her students -- and her -- to rediscover their voices.

The Benefits of Higher-Order
Multiple-Choice Tests

As instructors, we should rethink the premise that multiple-choice questions cannot meet the standards of authentic assessment, argues Eric Loepp. What if they could?

Dead Ideas: Reflections
for Post-Pandemic Learning

The forced experiment in hybrid and online education due to COVID-19 has called into question a host of generally accepted teaching practices, write Soulaymane Kachani, Catherine Ross and Amanda Irvin.

What Will Remain?

As colleges and universities return to in-classroom teaching, what practices that emerged during the pandemic will carry over? Shigeru Miyagawa and Meghan Perdue offer some answers.



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