Transforming Teaching & Learning

Can Active Learning Co-Exist With Physically Distanced Classrooms?

Advocates for active learning worry that their favored approach will be hard to pull off in physically distanced classrooms -- and that instructors will revert to the straightforward lecture.

Ramping Up for Remote Instruction

Anticipating continued remote instruction this fall, nonprofits, ed-tech companies and institutions race to provide faculty with the resources and training they need to teach well online.

Transforming Teaching & Learning Archive

The Asterisk Semester

Many institutions are going pass/fail or making new grading schemes. How will prospective grad students, med students and community college transfers be affected?

Rewriting the Syllabus

We will all be returning to a different reality in our classrooms, writes Ted Gup, and the challenge will be to identify that which is fundamental and defining.

Embracing Break-and-Bake Cookies

Christopher R. Marsicano shares lessons learned from the first weeks of Zoom teaching.

Evaluating Teaching During the Pandemic

Some colleges are changing how they collect and consider student ratings of instructors, citing the COVID-19-driven move online. Might that undermine a widely criticized (and used) tool?

How to Rethink Science Lab Classes

John D. Loike and Marian Stoltz-Loike have identified five objectives for online labs that are critical to any science laboratory experience and lend themselves well to online teaching.


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