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Humane Assessment Shouldn’t Happen Only During a Pandemic

A standards-based approach to grading that incorporates goal-setting and self-reflection can help promote students' progress in times of crisis as well as normalcy, advises Rosalie Metro.

Is Lecturing Racist?

For colleges to achieve antiracism, equity and inclusion, one of the most effective actions will be for professors to stop talking so much in their classrooms, argue Scott Freeman and Elli Theobald.

Beyond Compliance

Mallory Smith, Laura Pineault, Marcus Dickson and Krystal Tosch give advice on why and how to make online teaching accessible, even during a pandemic.

A Playbook for a Second-Choice Fall

If physical campuses cannot open, here's how colleges can replicate what makes their in-person experience so valuable, according to the research firm Eduventures.

How to Teach F2F With a Mask
and Create Caring Classrooms

While it's uncharted teaching territory for most, if not all, of us, we can seek out experts and advice to help us, writes Jamie Landau.


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