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6 Tips for Teaching Online
and In Person Simultaneously

Amy E. Crook and Travis W. Crook outline strategies to promote meaningful engagement for online students while at the same time providing a rich face-to-face learning environment.

Early Dispatches From the COVID-19 Classroom

As the fall term begins, professors describe their experiences in the in-person (and virtual) classroom. Their verdict? Better than feared. Lots of faculty experimentation. Students are anxious, and physical conditions are … mixed.

Take a Sabbatical for Teaching This Fall

Nicholas H. Snow offers a suggestion to his research scholar colleagues: navigate this perfect storm by making teaching and serving undergraduate students your highest priority.

‘Higher Expectations’

Can colleges teach students what they need to know in the 21st century? Derek Bok offers an answer.

It’s Compassion, Not Capitulation,
to Ask Less of Students Amid Disruption

As was true last spring, the college learning environment this fall is likely to challenge students. Professors should be flexible and empathetic, William Ellis writes.


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