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Allie Grasgreen, Student Affairs and Athletics Reporter, joined Inside Higher Ed in 2010. She graduated from the University of Oregon in June with a B.S. in journalism and a minor in environmental studies. She covered higher ed for two years at the Oregon Daily Emerald before becoming managing editor and then editor in chief, and she interned at The Chronicle of Higher Education in 2008.

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March 15, 2013
The University System of Georgia is the second this academic year to adopt a policy granting it more oversight of its institutions' athletic programs.
March 11, 2013
A former University of Texas at Austin equipment manager was found guilty by a county jury last week on six of seven counts of improper photography or visual recording, after he filmed members of the women’s track and cross country team in the shower locker room.
March 8, 2013
In canceling classes after a reported Klan sighting that still hasn't been confirmed, Oberlin says context was everything.
March 8, 2013
After growing opposition from coaches and athletics directors to measures adopted in January by the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I Board of Directors, the NCAA has suspended two of the proposals and will reconsider modified versions before the board's next meetin
March 6, 2013
For college presidents addressing guns on campus, responding to concealed carry at their institutions isn't the only problem. Reaching legislators is a struggle, too.
March 6, 2013
Quinnipiac University has made “some effort” toward coming into compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a federal judge ruled Monday, but not enough to lift the injunction preventing the institution from eliminating its women’s volleyball team. This marks the third judicial loss for Quinnipiac stemming from history of providing adequate opportunities for female athletes, which Title IX requires to be equitable to those of males.
March 5, 2013
Oberlin College canceled classes and "non-essential activities" on campus Monday, after reports of a person walking near its Afrikan Heritage House in “a hood and robe resembling a Ku Klux Klan outfit.” College officials said they and the Oberlin Police Department are investigating the sighting, which follows a string of hate-related incidents on campus.
March 5, 2013
Ten of the former Florida A&M University band members who were charged in May with felony hazing for the death of drum major Robert Champion are now being charged with manslaughter, the Associated Press reported Monday. Prosecutors also said they have charged another two defendants with manslaughter.
March 5, 2013
After court blocks new sports betting law, NCAA temporarily lifts its ban on New Jersey colleges hosting athletic tournaments, but some teams have already felt the pain.
March 4, 2013
The National Collegiate Athletic Association announced Friday that it has cited Saint Mary’s College of California with a failure to monitor its men’s basketball program after a head coach was found to have knowledge of a former assistant coach providing impermissible benefits to recruits.


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