Ana Dinescu

Ana Dinescu is originally from Romania and currently writes from Berlin, Germany. Ana was awarded a Ph.D. from the Faculty of History, University of Bucharest, and has a background in Political Science. She has been a journalist for ten years for Romanian daily newspapers and is currently a communications consultant and freelance author.

Besides being a regular contributor at University of Venus, she published book reviews and articles in the CEU Review of Political Science, Balkan Academic News, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, Reportage Online and Southeast European Politics Online, among others. She attended academic conferences and professional exchanges in the US, Vienna, Berlin, Bruxelles, Berlin and she worked for one year in Japan as communications consultant.

In 2010 she authored a chapter about The Coming «République des Lettres».The Academic World and the Web 2.0. Risks and Challenges ” in E-Research Collaboration, Springer Verlag, Germany, editor: prof. Murugan Anandarajan and in 2011 published in Romanian a book about communications in public institutions. She also translated books about Political Science from French and English into Romanian and edited books for Romanian publishing houses.

Her areas of interest are varied: Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy, Political Science, Ethnic Minorities in Central and Eastern Europe, Intellectual Histories, Public Diplomacy, Communications and Social Media. She will never resist the temptation to travel and discover new places or a new interesting book to write about.

Ana is a member of the editorial collective at University of Venus and she can be reached at

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