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November 4, 2008
U. of Chicago hopes specifying a research focus will calm a controversy, and while some aren't fully on board, there are signs of lessening tension.
October 31, 2008
An ongoing study of student network traffic at an Illinois university is already dispelling myths and raising new questions. It might also offer a way out of the policy deadlock.
October 30, 2008
A study looks at freshman social networking habits and investigates whether the ubiquitous online tools could promote retention and recruitment goals, too.
October 30, 2008
North Carolina decided to boost first-generation and low-income enrollments in its colleges. Its solution? A Web portal and an online application drive at high schools.
October 29, 2008
Annual survey of campus IT departments finds more spending reductions and embrace of cloud-based e-mail -- and mass adoption of emergency notification systems.
October 28, 2008
Following its partnership to integrate with Sakai data, Blackboard backs development of a plug-in for Moodle, the other main open-source alternative in learning management software.
October 27, 2008
Incidents at Cornell and Harvard illustrate how an administration can affirm free speech over student vandalism -- or staffers' disapproval -- of anti-abortion messages.
October 24, 2008
In what could be the next significant shift for social networking in higher education, an upcoming Facebook app will help colleges track students, alumni and potential applicants.
October 23, 2008
Given the many and conflicting reasons why students choose their majors -- they liked an introductory course, it leads to well-paying jobs, it's something they're interested in, their parents made them do it -- it's understandably difficult to pinpoint how they truly feel about their area of concentration.
October 21, 2008
Typically, students curious to read the latest gossip and hearsay written by their classmates have only to stop by JuicyCampus, an anonymous message board that has gained notoriety over the past year for refusing to block potentially libelous and damaging posts that in many cases name names.


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