Audrey Watters

Audrey Watters is a journalist specializing in education technology news and analysis. She has worked in the education field for the past 15 years: as a graduate student, college instructor, program manager for an ed-tech non-profit. Although she was two chapters into a dissertation in comparative literature, she decided to eschew the professor track for a different path, and she now happily fulfills the one job recommended to her by a junior high aptitude test: freelance writer. She has written for Edutopia, MindShift, O'Reilly Radar, ReadWriteWeb, and The Huffington Post, in addition to her own blog Hack Education.

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Most Recent Articles

November 7, 2011
The new Steve Jobs biography details the Apple co-founder's plans to disrupt the textbook industry.  But just how disruptive were his plans?
November 1, 2011
Pearson and Knewton announced their partnership to deliver adaptive content to college students. How will big data and learning analytics shape teaching and learning in college?
October 31, 2011
An introduction to Audrey Watters and to her new Inside Higher Ed blog, Hack (Higher) Education.


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