Conference Connoisseurs

Conference Connoisseurs

The Conference Connoisseurs work at a small, East Coast liberal arts college. He is the director of institutional research and she is responsible for assessment activities and has served as a full-time faculty member. Together they assume responsibility for all measures of institutional effectiveness on their campus. Frequent conference goers, she may be found in sessions on assessing mission, measuring general education outcomes and integrating national survey data with local assessment activities. His conference preferences include sessions on retention, performance benchmarking and student learning outcomes. While neither have formal culinary training, both are certified “foodies” often sharing recipes with, and occasionally preparing meals for, colleagues. Evidence of their love of food, and commitment to a good conference culinary experience for all, is the fact that they frequently use personal funds to supplement their conference per diems.

Like all good restaurant reviewers, the Conference Connoisseurs have requested anonymity to ensure they receive no special treatment at restaurants. Or conferences.

Readers are encouraged to use the rubric and submit their own reviews to [email protected].

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