Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy (Ph.D., political science, University of North Carolina). SUNY system Distinguished Professor. Affiliated State University of New York at Albany appointments in Latin American studies, political science, and public policy. In addition to his prolific publication of articles, Levy’s 10 authored books have been published by several university presses. Levy’s main research interest is how educational institutions fit into the wider interface between civil society and the state. He directs the Program for Research on Private Higher Education (PROPHE), the foremost research center on private higher education globally. His former students hold varied agency and academic positions globally.

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Most Recent Articles

January 10, 2019
Notwithstanding a conventional narrative that reforms largely failed, I argue that they contributed significantly to much of what became and remains best about the region’s higher education.
April 15, 2018
Private institutions enroll one in three of the world’s higher education students—by 2010 private enrollment reached 57 million.
October 24, 2016
Foreign precedent tends not to play well for the Republican half of the electorate
July 8, 2013
The problems of the short public presidential tenure are worse than those of the long private tenure.
February 17, 2013
Almost everyone professes to be for national democracy but democracy is a complex concept with different legitimate views of what it is — and with different legitimate views of what it must include and what is appropriate to nourish it. Should a democratic national political system have democratic universities? There’s not just one common answer.


Co Authored Articles

August 18, 2013
This is the final posting in a series about the dropout rate in Argentina with two additional commentaries. The blogs demonstrate both the problem of determining the extent of the problem and its underlying causes. There are issues here relevant to other countries in the region and elsewhere in the world,
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