Deanna England

Deanna England is currently the Graduate Studies Officer at The University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. She graduated with an honours degree in Psychology in 1998 and worked in marketing and events for seven years before returning to Academia. She has done absolutely nothing with her honours thesis research on “Religiosity and Neuroticism’s Effects on Death Anxiety” but does enjoy quoting Freud whenever she can. She recently began her Master’s degree in Cultural Studies exploring women’s engagement with erotic writing and online communities.

Deanna can be reached at [email protected] and is the mastermind behind the University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies Facebook page and Twitter account. She can also be found at and LinkedIn.

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Most Recent Articles

August 19, 2010
“So what can you do with a degree in Cultural Studies?” I felt the deer-caught-in-headlights look come over my face as I realized that I couldn’t easily answer the question in the ten words or less the situation required.
July 20, 2010
It was the kind of course you weren’t graded on, and it petered out as soon as the Academic year started.


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