Denise Horn

Denise Horn

Denise is a mover, a shaker and a world traveler. When Denise isn’t traveling for teaching and research, she calls Boston, Massachusetts her home. She is an Assistant Professor of International Affairs at Northeastern University, and received her PhD from Rutgers University.

Denise is the author of Women, Civil Society and the Geopolitics of Democratization (Routledge 2010) and the forthcoming book Democratic Governance and Social Entrepreneurship: Civic Participation and the Future of Democracy (Routledge 2012). Her research explores the relationship of civil society development to democratic growth, focusing on transnational activism and trends in global development. She has conducted field research in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and India. Denise also directs the Northeastern University Global Corps Practicum, which introduces students to social entrepreneurship in countries such as India, Indonesia and Thailand.

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