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Doug Lederman, Editor, is one of the three founders of Inside Higher Ed. With Scott Jaschik, he leads the site's editorial operations, overseeing news content, opinion pieces, career advice, blogs and other features. Doug speaks widely about higher education, including on C-Span and National Public Radio and at meetings around the country, and his work has appeared in The New York Times and USA Today, among other publications. Doug was managing editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education from 1999 to 2003. Before that, Doug had worked at The Chronicle since 1986 in a variety of roles, first as an athletics reporter and editor. He has won three National Awards for Education Reporting from the Education Writers Association, including one in 2009 for a series of Inside Higher Ed articles he co-wrote on college rankings. He began his career as a news clerk at The New York Times. He grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and graduated in 1984 from Princeton University. Doug lives with his family in Bethesda, Md.

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February 22, 2009
The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday announced the arrests of four people charged with harassing and endangering University of California researchers who work with animals. In one incident, those arrested are charged with trying to enter the home of a researcher in Santa Cruz.
February 21, 2009
Ryan Allen, a senior at George Mason University who performs as a drag queen at Washington-area clubs, has been elected homecoming queen, The Washington Post reported. While many at the university see the election as a symbol of the university's diversity and tolerance, some students worried that the election would hurt the university's image.
February 21, 2009
Vietnamese Americans protested this week at Cypress College, in California, over a photograph that they call "propaganda." The Orange County Register reported that the objections are to a photograph showing a young Vietnamese woman wearing a shirt with the communist Vietnamese flag, next to a bust of Ho Chi Minh. College officials pledged to hold a forum for the protesters to express their views, but declined to remove the photograph from an exhibit.
February 21, 2009
Curious how much money might be flowing to your state for education programs under the economic stimulus legislation signed by President Obama this week? The U.S. Education Department has published preliminary tables showing how the tens of billions of dollars in new funds is likely to be allocated to the states, with separate tables on Pell Grants, federal work study, and the biggest-ticket item of all, the state stabilization fund designed to stave off state budget cuts.
February 21, 2009
Hundreds of people rallied outside a New York University building early Friday morning, at times clashing with police officers, to back a student group barricaded inside, The New York Times reported. The student group is demanding a variety of changes in policy, including the release of more information about the university budget and endowment, the return of a union for graduate students, limits on tuition increases, scholarships for Palestinian students and amnesty for those involved in the protest.
February 21, 2009
The board of Milwaukee Area Community College on Thursday night fired Darnell Cole as president, two weeks after he was arrested for drunk driving, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Some students and community groups organized a press conference and attended the board meeting to back Cole, who they said has done a good job. Some said he was being treated unfairly for being African-American. Other students, however, disagree. The MATC Times, the student newspaper, ran an editorial calling for his ouster. The editorial concluded this way: "Dr.
February 20, 2009
As California leaders end impasse, plan to close huge gap cuts hundreds of millions in college operating support, but spares student aid and funds community college enrollment growth.
February 19, 2009
H. Scott Bierman, academic dean of Carleton College, in Minnesota, has been chosen as president of Beloit College, in Wisconsin.Mark C. Gordon, dean of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, has been named president of Defiance College, in Ohio.Richard S.
February 19, 2009
John Petersen announced Wednesday that he is stepping down as president of the University of Tennessee System. Petersen had been in the midst of a review by the Board of Trustees of his five years in office -- years in which he achieved notable success in fund raising, but was also involved in some intense political squabbles.
February 18, 2009
Given MyRichUncle's consistent bashing of college financial aid officers for alleged conflicts of interest, few tears were shed in higher education when MRU Holdings, the parent company of the controversial student loan provider, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this month.


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