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March 15, 2016
A professor at England’s University of Manchester whose second job as a porn star came to light after a student recognized him in a film has resigned from his position, The Telegraph reported. Nicholas Goddard had taught chemical engineering at the university for almost 25 years.
March 11, 2016
After a legal challenge -- still on appeal -- U.S. issues new rule extending the time some international students can work after graduation.
March 10, 2016
The elite Indian Institutes of Technology will hold entrance exams in eight foreign countries starting in 2017 in an effort to attract more international students. The Huffington Post’s India edition reported that tests for foreign nationals are planned for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and, within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. 
March 9, 2016
Texas A&M University receives more than $76.2 million each year to operate its branch campus in Qatar, The Washington Post reported. The Post obtained a copy of the contract and budget documents for the campus via a public records request.
March 9, 2016
The U.S. Department of Education has revoked the eligibility of Michigan Jewish Institute to participate in Title IV federal financial aid programs after finding that it obtained Pell Grants on behalf of students who were enrolled in foreign institutions and had no intention of earning an MJI degree.
February 26, 2016
Protesting students at South Africa’s North-West University set fire to various university buildings on Wednesday, completely destroying the administration building and forcing the university to close its campus in Mafikeng indefinitely, the university said.
February 25, 2016
Intensive English programs report declines in Saudi Arabian enrollments as colleges and universities watch for changes to the government's massive foreign scholarship program.
February 24, 2016
Researchers survey the landscape of internationalization in higher education.
February 23, 2016
The Middle East Studies Association’s new letter to Turkish government officials raising concerns about the “pattern of persecution” against scholars who signed a petition opposing military actions in Turkey's southeast includes a “nonexhaustive” nine-page appendix documenting instances in which signatories have faced repercussions, including in the form of criminal and
February 22, 2016
UC Irvine moves to reject gifts for endowed chairs from group that has strong opinions -- too strong -- about the study of Hinduism and a desire to influence who would be hired.


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