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August 8, 2017
A statistical analysis of factors influencing voter preferences in the 2016 Brexit referendum found higher education to be “the predominant factor dividing the nation.” A new article published in the journal World Development estimated that an increase of about 3 percent in the number of adults accessing higher education in England and Wales could have reversed
August 7, 2017
Singapore ordered the expulsion of an American academic whom it accused of being “an agent of influence” for an unspecified foreign country.
August 3, 2017
Bill would seek to slash legal immigration levels in half. And while graduates of U.S. universities would get an edge in obtaining employment-based green cards, the number of green cards available would not increase.
July 28, 2017
MIT rallies around a custodian who has been detained by immigration authorities and faces possible deportation.
July 28, 2017
A new report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling looks at the challenges high school counselors face in advising international students on their college choices and argues that counselors need more training to better address the needs of the growing pool of international students at U.S.
July 26, 2017
Britain, Canada, France and Germany all launch funding programs to recruit foreign researchers. Will they succeed in capitalizing on perceptions of the U.S. as a less attractive place for research?
July 25, 2017
Following 10-year jail sentence for Princeton Ph.D. student, scholars discuss the uncertainties of doing research in Iran.
July 24, 2017
The State Department said Friday it would ban U.S. citizens from traveling to North Korea due to what a spokeswoman described as “mounting concerns over the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention,” the Los Angeles Times reported. The decision follows the death of Otto Warmbier, a former University of Virginia student who was arrested in North Korea in January 2016 and sentenced to hard labor.
July 21, 2017
A professor injured in last August’s attack on the American University of Afghanistan is seeking workers’ compensation benefits for his injuries.


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