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August 14, 2017
The U.S. should “seriously consider” adopting the English practice of entering into mandatory “access agreements” in order to expand access to higher education, argues a new working paper, “English and American Higher Education Access and Completion Policy Regimes: Similarities, Differences and Possible Lessons.” The report also argues that the U.S.
August 14, 2017
The newly appointed head of South Korea's Science, Technology and Innovation Office stepped down over a decade-old research fraud scandal, The Korea Times and Korea Herald reported.
August 14, 2017
About 100 immigration law professors signed a letter to President Trump arguing “that the executive branch has legal authority to implement” the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA, which was established by President Obama in 2012, has extended temporary protection from deportation and the right to work to hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, including many college students.
August 11, 2017
Civil rights groups argue “anti-Israel boycott” bill would violate First Amendment rights, while supporters say the bill is narrowly tailored and represents a minor amendment to current law.
August 8, 2017
A new report focuses attention on the growing pool of international students at American high schools -- many of whom hope to continue their education at American colleges.
August 8, 2017
In the push to expand “earn-while-you-learn” programs, what lessons can the U.S. take from approaches in Germany and Switzerland?
August 8, 2017
A statistical analysis of factors influencing voter preferences in the 2016 Brexit referendum found higher education to be “the predominant factor dividing the nation.” A new article published in the journal World Development estimated that an increase of about 3 percent in the number of adults accessing higher education in England and Wales could have reversed
August 7, 2017
Singapore ordered the expulsion of an American academic whom it accused of being “an agent of influence” for an unspecified foreign country.
August 3, 2017
Bill would seek to slash legal immigration levels in half. And while graduates of U.S. universities would get an edge in obtaining employment-based green cards, the number of green cards available would not increase.


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