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August 16, 2016
Republican candidate proposes a system for admittance to U.S. that critics say violates American and academic principles.
August 15, 2016
Kidnapping of two faculty members at the American University of Afghanistan renews attention on the risks confronting universities in conflict zones.
August 12, 2016
Texas Tech University announced plans Thursday to open a branch campus in San José, Costa Rica, in partnership with the Promerica Group, a conglomerate of financial companies located in Central and South America. The campus is scheduled to open in spring 2018 upon approval by the university’s accreditor. Initial degree offerings will include B.S.
July 29, 2016
A crackdown on Turkey’s higher education sector after a failed coup has far-reaching effects for fraying academic collaboration and exchange.
July 26, 2016
Author asks why some countries are better than others at science and technology.
July 26, 2016
Thirty-one academics from Istanbul University were detained on Monday on the suspicion that they have links to what the government calls the “Fethullah Terrorist Organization,” Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency reported.
July 26, 2016
A Reuters investigation found evidence of cheating in a preparatory program owned by a Hong Kong-based subsidiary of the test provider ACT, with some former students in the program reporting that they gained advance access to ACT test materials.
July 25, 2016
U of Cape Town rescinds speaking invitation to Danish publisher of cartoons of Muhammad, citing security concerns and risk of polarization. Polarization ensues.
July 25, 2016
Dozens of scholarly groups have issued statements condemning the purges in higher education in Turkey that followed the recent coup attempt. In the immediate days after the failed coup, the Council of Higher Education demanded the resignation of more than 1,500 university deans. More than 15,000 education ministry officials were suspended and 21,000 schoolteachers had their licenses revoked.
July 22, 2016
Three leaders of the massive 2014 student-led pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have been convicted for their roles in the events, The New York Times reported. Joshua Wong, 19, and his fellow student leader Alex Chow, 25, were found guilty by a Hong Kong court of unlawful assembly. Another leader of the "Umbrella Movement" protests, Nathan Law, 23, was found guilty of inciting people to take part in the assembly.


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