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May 16, 2018
Free tuition policies are rooted in strong philosophical and social traditions but do not necessarily lead to increased access or student success, according to a new paper in the journal Higher Education Policy titled “There Is No Such Thing as Free Higher Education: A Global Perspective on the (Many) Realities of Free Sys
May 15, 2018
Proposed policy memo would change the way in which international students are found to accrue "unlawful presence," a determination that could lead to them being barred from the U.S. for three to 10 years.   
May 14, 2018
New policy guidance published last week appears to make it easier for international students to accrue “unlawful presence” in the U.S., a change that could have implications for their ability to re-enter the country in the future. Individuals who accrue more than 180 days of unlawful presence before they depart from the U.S. can be barred from re-entering the country for a period of three to 10 years.
May 11, 2018
Participation in program that lets international students with STEM degrees work in the U.S. for up to three years after graduation grows by 400 percent in eight years. With the rapid growth has come new scrutiny.
May 11, 2018
Report finds that attacks on educational institutions and their students and employees appear to be on the rise.
May 10, 2018
A journalist at Foreign Policy wrote that a reference to her reporting experience in Taiwan was deleted from her biography when she gave a talk at Savannah State University’s Confucius Institute, one of more than 500 such centers worldwide funded by the Chinese government to teach language and culture.
May 10, 2018
Two Americans formerly affiliated with a private university in Pyongyang were among three people released from North Korean detention Tuesday.
May 7, 2018
A Columbia University professor was barred from entering Israel because of her ties to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, Haaretz reported.
May 7, 2018
The Swedish Academy will not award a Nobel Prize in literature this year because of a crisis over sexual abuse allegations against a photographer with close ties to the academy, The New York Times reported.
May 7, 2018
Modest gains reported from China and India.


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