George Justice

George Justice

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April 23, 2018
As humanists, to make an impression inside our institutions and in the outside world, we need to do a much better job of counting the support our faculty members receive to pursue their work, argues George Justice.

Co Authored Articles

March 27, 2020
The pandemic has deepened the divide between the faculty and administration on most campuses, but if ever there were a time to give one another the benefit of the doubt, it is now, write Carolyn Dever and George Justice.
February 18, 2020
Partnerships are available all across campus that can help us be better educators and more thoughtful and well-informed campus citizens, write Carolyn Dever and George Justice.
December 11, 2019
That busyness and overwork have become status symbols is probably not a surprise, write Carolyn Dever and George Justice, but what interests do they serve?
August 14, 2019
To make a false distinction between service and administration is counterproductive and harms faculty of color and women, write Carolyn Dever and George Justice.
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