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May 2, 2018
Ohio's Hiram College stakes its future on ability to attract enough students willing to embrace a new, more interdisciplinary, experiential curriculum.
April 27, 2018
Over course of 11 years, AGB president Richard Legon earned nearly $1.4 million for a lump-sum payout, nearly tripling his salary and benefits in 2016 -- to just under $2 million.
April 25, 2018
After this spring, the Penn State University Outing Club isn’t going out anymore.
April 25, 2018
Drew Cloud, the frequently quoted founder of a Delaware-based online student-loan news start-up, is a pseudonym, a personality created by several writers at a loan-refinancing company.
April 19, 2018
Holding tuition flat since 2012-13 has raised the land-grant university’s profile and helped it grow, but it is fueling competition for resources by academic departments -- and Purdue is still working to enroll more students from Indiana.
April 12, 2018
Survey findings suggest one in five college students pours extra financial aid dollars into trendy yet risky investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
April 5, 2018
New findings show Knowledge Is Power Program alumni who attend historically black colleges are more likely to report a “sense of belonging” and good mental health than those who attend other colleges.


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