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October 22, 2009
As veterans try to take advantage of the new GI Bill, Ohio State introduces courses only open to students who've served in the military.
October 20, 2009
College health group urges members to ban the use of all tobacco products, outdoors and indoors, ending exemption for designated smoking areas.
October 19, 2009
Undergraduate programs are being revised to embrace more liberal arts courses and – in some instances -- to ease students’ workloads.
October 15, 2009
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health departments have begun delivering H1N1 vaccines to scores of colleges and universities across the country, and those inoculations are arriving in very different climates for the illness from campus to campus.
October 14, 2009
Legislation moving through Congress seems to forget college students in its provisions.
October 13, 2009
American Psychological Association concedes its new manual has plenty of mistakes, but won't pay to provide error-free copies to faculty and students.
October 12, 2009
WASHINGTON -- Thousands of students from hundreds of colleges converged here Saturday and Sunday for the National Equality March, the first national protest for gay rights in more than a decade.
October 12, 2009
University of Maryland releases findings of inquiry into its ties to slavery.
October 8, 2009
Economists find evidence that college students choose to take jobs not to pay tuition but to cover other expenses and, unless they work a lot, those jobs don't do much to harm their academic performance.
October 7, 2009
Berkeley's j-school joins a new project that aims to save the industry -- but, to the dismay of some journalists, depends on students' unpaid labor.


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