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January 16, 2017
Most big problems happen bit by bit. 
January 15, 2017
Defending tenure means a campaign for hearts and minds.
January 10, 2017
Hindsight is 20/20, but sometimes you just have to deal with things being blurry for awhile.
January 9, 2017
A different kind of journey toward de-grading.
January 8, 2017
Learning it's about more than just the contract.
January 4, 2017
After much experimenting, something clicks.
January 2, 2017
Moving forward.
December 21, 2016
You may enjoy these as I did.
December 14, 2016
Dropping from full-time to a single course reveals losses and gains.
December 11, 2016
Saying you're a smart person usually indicates the opposite.


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