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April 20, 2016
University police at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee Monday evening removed rainbow-colored nooses a student hung from a tree. The nooses were part of an art project for an introductory course focusing on yarn in art, according to a university statement.
April 19, 2016
Race is still a prominent issue in this semester's rallies and sit-ins, but students are also pushing issues related to campus employees, foreign policy, state laws on sexual orientation and more -- and linking the various topics.
April 19, 2016
Duke University released its second statement Monday denouncing HB2, a controversial North Carolina law that restricts transgender citizens’ bathroom access and prevents local governments from passing antidiscrimination bills that would offer protections to gay and lesbian people.
April 18, 2016
Grinnell severs ties with a well-respected organization that sends groups of low-income and minority students to elite colleges. Many on campus are unhappy about the move.
April 15, 2016
Pro-Trump chalkings and graffiti spread to dozens of campuses, in many cases accompanied by comments about immigrants or Muslims, and set off debates about free speech and tolerance.
April 13, 2016
Greek organizations at Ohio University canceled several events this week after someone painted "Trump 2016" and "build the wall" on campus during Greek Week. "This phrase is offensive and hurtful to many individuals as it is directly tied to the Hispanic/Latino/a community, makes them feel marginalized, and the message was interpreted that they do not belong at Ohio University," read a letter sent by student-led Greek organizations on campus. In response they decided to "re-focus this week immediately to showcase our fraternal values."
April 12, 2016
New play about campus shootings offers little in the way of answers, but aims to spark conversation.
April 8, 2016
Pro-Palestinian protesters shouted down the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, while he was speaking Wednesday at San Francisco State University. Video of the incident shows Barkat continuing to speak with a small group of students while protesters along a wall shout, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
April 7, 2016
Anger over the fallout from a powerful administrator hitting an employee with his car leads to takeover of administration building and debate over treatment of workers. University makes concessions, but sit-in continues. At Ohio State, a sit-in starts and ends.
April 5, 2016
A review of sexual misconduct cases that were overseen by a former Indiana University Title IX officer himself accused of sexual assault has found no bias or undue influence and that all the university's processes were followed.


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