Lindsay Weiler

M.A. Historian specializing in Early Modern European, Middle Eastern, British/English and diplomatic history. Award winner in Iranian History from California State University, Fullerton Department of History, March 2015. I worked as a Graduate and Teaching Assistant as well, providing research and editing assistance for a book project in Spanish (Mexican), setting up and running content and format study sessions for essay exams for an undergraduate World Civilizations class, and preparing and presenting multiple lectures for classes between 30 and 100 undergraduate students. Languages include Spanish (Castellan and Mexican), French (France) and Persian (Farsi). Prior to entering a Masters program, I worked in customer service and administrative fields, enabling me to work in variety of diverse settings and providing me a broad spectrum of skills, including writing, researching and editing, interaction with diverse populations in person, on the phone and by email, and multiple computer software platforms, such as Microsoft Office, PeopleSoft, Moodle, Magento, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop, and database and file sharing and editing, like Google Docs, Dropbox and FileMaker Pro. I have both a Teaching Philosophy Statement and a Diversity Statement available upon request, as well as a full Resume and Curriculum Vitae.

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