Mary Churchill

Mary Churchill is the Executive Director and Founding Editor of University of Venus. In addition to writing at University of Venus and She’s Got It! at Inside Higher Ed, she created Old School, New School at The Chronicle and is regularly invited to write and present on the future of education.

Mary is passionate about the role of public engagement in higher education. In her twenty years of management experience, she has tirelessly advocated for a new paradigm of leadership informed by diversity, collaboration, and equity. Mary earned her Ph.D. in Sociology in 2004 and has taught courses in International Studies, Sociology, and Political Science for the past fifteen years.

Currently Associate Provost and Dean for Innovation and Partnerships in the Provost and Academic Vice President's Office at Salem State University, Mary is also a Faculty Associate at the Middle East Center at Northeastern University, She is working on several book projects related to education and is currently looking for a publisher for her book, Fantastic Reading: Comic Books and Popular Culture.

Married to an amazingly talented librarian with whom she is raising an ten-year old son, she is also active in her Roxbury neighborhood in Boston and on several city appointed committees and boards. Originally from the “pets or meat” world portrayed in Michael Moore’s Flint, Michigan; she was the first in her family to attend college.

Mary can be reached by e-mail at and can also be found on Twitter (@mary_churchill) and LinkedIn.

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