John Griswold, who uses the pen name Oronte Churm at Inside Higher Ed and elsewhere, was born in Vietnam and raised in coal country in Southern Illinois. His stories, poems, and essays have appeared in War, Literature and the Arts; Brevity; Natural Bridge;  and Ninth Letter. His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, listed as notable in The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2009, and included in The Best Creative Nonfiction, Vol. 3 (WW Norton).

His most recent book is a collection of essays, Pirates You Don't Know, and Other Adventures in the Examined Life (University of Georgia Press 2014). He is also the author of a novel, A Democracy of Ghosts, and a nonfiction book, Herrin: The Brief History of an Infamous American City.

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Most Recent Articles

May 21, 2015
LSU's Manship School commencement address.
May 5, 2015
Power to the people, right on.
April 17, 2015
When squatters can finally feel like residents.
April 2, 2015
In which I become a different sort of editor.
March 15, 2015
It was bound to happen.
March 8, 2015
When the horsemen come bearing chickens and Bud Light.
February 22, 2015
All the news was bad this month for a jaded idealist, what they called David Carr. Philip Levine’s was pancreatic. Bob Simon survived wars and captivity with grace, only to die in a Town Car in Manhattan.  Scientists announced the earth ruined: Oceans barren in 35 years, West Coast reduced to ashes and dust. They made a case for brimstoning the sky, hubris piled on hubris, like stratospheric thunderheads. Another extinction event. A great dying. Everything is relative, apologists say, things have always been falling apart. 
February 8, 2015
Not to be alarmist, but they're coming for you next.
January 21, 2015
A review of Shelley Puhak's poetry collection, by Katherine Hoerth.
January 15, 2015
The noodle was the last straw. 


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