Peg Boyle Single

Peg Boyle Single

Peg Boyle Single is the author of Demystifying Dissertation Writing: A Streamlined Process from Choice of Topic to Final Text and an academic writing coach. She provides individual and group coaching to dissertation writers and faculty members through her Web site. Before pursuing writing full-time, she was the director of faculty mentoring, director of the Henderson Doctoral Fellowships for Equity and Diversity, and a research associate professor at the University of Vermont. Her hope is that doctoral programs offer writing seminars, doctoral students join writing groups, and dissertation writers learn habits of fluent writing. Her dream is to be the Potions Master at Hogwarts and to slip writing tips in between lessons on mixing Felix Felicis and Polyjuice potion.

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December 4, 2009
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November 2, 2009
Peg Boyle Single explains why you need to write regularly, write in the morning and get over the quest for the perfect word.
October 16, 2009
You'll make more progress if you reject two common myths, writes Peg Boyle Single.


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