Teresa Mangum

Teresa Mangum

Teresa Mangum is an associate professor of English and international studies at the University of Iowa. She has a variegated view of academe. She was a teaching assistant at North Carolina State University and the University of Illinois and a visiting lecturer at Western Carolina University and Marquette University. At the University of Iowa, she been associate chair of English, associate dean of international programs, associate faculty director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, and Faculty Senate secretary. Currently, she is also associate director of the Dickens Universe (an international consortium housed at the University of California at Santa Cruz) and a new member of the Delegate Assembly Organizing Committee of the Modern Language Association. In addition to her book Married, Middlebrow, and Militant: Sarah Grand and the New Woman Novel (1998), Mangum has published articles on Victorian novels and on representations of both human-animal relations and aging. She has been guest editor for the Journal of Aging Studies, the Victorian Periodicals Review, and Nineteenth-Century Contexts, and co-curator of exhibitions featuring studies of animals. Mangum holds teaching awards from the University of Illinois, the University of Iowa, and the U.S. Humane Society. In 2008, she received the Michael J. Brody Award for Faculty Excellence in Service to the University and the State of Iowa. After beginning the placement program for graduate students in English at the University of Iowa in 1991, she is again serving as the department's placement director.

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