Terri Givens

Terri Givens

Terri Givens is an associate professor in the Government Department at the University of Texas at Austin. She began her academic career at the University of Washington. She has held several administrative positions at the University of Texas, including director of the Center for European Studies, and vice provost for undergraduate studies and international activities. Her main areas of research are immigration policy and Western European politics, and she has written the book Voting Radical Right in Western Europe, several articles on immigration policy and immigrant integration in the European Union, and a manuscript on antidiscrimination policy in Britain, France and Germany. She is the editor, with Gary Freeman and David Leal, of the book Immigration Policy and Security: U.S., European, and Commonwealth Perspectives. She has held many fellowships, including positions at the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Migration Policy Institute in Washington. She speaks French and German, and continues to conduct research in Europe, particularly France, Germany and Britain. She is a competitive master’s runner in Austin, and the mother of two very active boys, Andrew and Brandon.


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October 2, 2009
Terri Givens considers the lessons learned and confidence gained from those who encouraged her -- and her obligation to do the same for others.


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