John “Thad” Jackson

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics

Email: or
Phone: (770) 280-7952 (mobile)
Office: 230 Beckham Hall


Professor Jackson has taught fifty-five course sections in economics, finance and related business and economics topics. Feel free to download his C.V., statement of teaching philosophy, research statement, working papers, presentations, and recent student evaluations at

EDUCATION: University of Alabama, MS; Augusta State University, BBA

Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Business Finance
Intermediate Corporate Finance
Capitalism for Idealists
Personal Finance
Financial Analysis
Intro to Business
Project Management

“An Empirical Analysis of Real Estate Lending and Bank Failures: 1863-2012,” with Ben Woodruff (2015). Book Series: Research in Economic History. (Submitted for Initial Review)

“Small-Scale Crises’ Impact on Price Discovery and Volatility Transmission Across Financial Markets: Evidence from Terror Attacks, Assassinations, North-Korean Saber-Rattling, and Natural Disasters.” Journal of Business and Economics of Times of Crisis. (Submitted for Initial Review)

“African Coffee Market Efficiency and International Hedging Volatility: Evidence from Uganda.” Journal of African Business. (Submitted for Initial Review)

“Priming Performance in the Classroom Environment: More Evidence,” (2016).

“Learning Economics in the 21st Century,” with Ben Woodruff (2015).

2016 “Priming Performance in the Classroom Environment,” 21st Annual University of Kentucky Economics Teaching Workshop

2015 “Learning Economics in the 21st Century,” 16th Annual Conference of the Academy of Business Education

2015 “Flipping the Finance Course: A Case Study,” 16th Annual Conference of the Academy of Business Education

2014 “Nick Saban Makes You Smarter: Priming Effects in the Classroom,” 15th Conference of the Academy of Business Education

Dean’s Scholarship, University of Alabama
Durr-Fillauer Fellowship, University of Alabama
Comer Foundation Fellowship, University of Alabama

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