William H. Weitzer

William H. Weitzer is currently a Senior Fellow at the Spencer Foundation. After completing his Ph.D. in Environmental Psychology, he has served for thirty years in administrative positions at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Wesleyan University, and Fairfield University.

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January 2, 2013
In the last year or two, many challenges have been made to lower the cost of earning a degree, create differential pricing based on major, or allow individual professors to set the cost of their on-line courses. A high quality blend of liberal arts and professional training will never compete with pressures for new, low-cost options if price alone is considered. When playing the game Let’s Make a Deal, many excellent institutions will lose out to these economic pressures unless they respond with much more than good economic arguments.  
December 13, 2012
How might institutions that focus on science and engineering provide a more blended education that provides opportunities for students to study and apply what they have learned outside the sciences?
December 3, 2012
As institutions examine the challenges to the liberal arts, how do they respond? Are institutions that move in the direction of offering a more career-oriented curriculum abandoning the liberal arts? How might institutions stay true to the liberal arts while acknowledging the genuine needs of students to be career-ready?
November 20, 2012
What might a water well used traditionally in rural Spain teach us about how to make the most of MOOCs?
November 16, 2012
As students and families are questioning the value of a college degree and unsure about the accumulating debt in the process, it is critical to make the case for the value of education on our campuses and even to reallocate the savings offered by efficiencies to improve that value.
November 5, 2012
Given the critical need for change in American higher education, many schools would gain a strategic advantage if they genuinely provide connections between educating for the liberal arts and the professions.
October 30, 2012
In response to the current challenges facing higher education, all types of institutions will need to continually examine how their missions and programs support students both in obtaining their first jobs and preparing them for life.  Colleges and universities should identify the components of their liberal arts and professional training programs and take the strategic actions necessary  to “mash up” the liberal arts and professional training.
April 23, 2012
In the new economy of higher education, traditional colleges and universities ought to pay close attention to the strategic importance of the physical campus, writes William H. Weitzer.
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