From the Editors: Our Updated Look

A guide to the changes and new features on the revamped Web site we are unveiling today.
February 23, 2009

To Inside Higher Ed's readers: We're excited today to unveil several new features and an updated site design:

The Lists will provide an easy way to check on who’s moving where and who is meeting in higher ed. We’ll be listing every job change we can find and providing easy ways for you to search the lists, so you’ll be able to find everyone who changed jobs last week, all the engineering deans named in the last year, or all the moves to and from a particular college or university. We’ll also list all meetings and conferences in higher education, searchable by date and topic. These services -- like all the information on this Web site -- are completely free. You can find The Lists here, and you’ll note easy ways to submit entries, which we heartily encourage.

A new section of career advice columns will link together existing columns dealing with careers and introduce new columnists, who will be writing about career issues from graduate school through the faculty ranks to the presidency. All of our new career columnists welcome questions for the columns to cover. And like all of our editorial features, every column has a place for reader reactions.

Our home page has an updated look, designed to better reflect the range of new content we add to our site each day and to make it easier for readers to find the sections they want to explore, as well as to let readers see the thousands of jobs that colleges are posting on our site.

Individual articles have new options that make it easier to print articles, post them to Facebook or elsewhere, and find related content.

Our various sections have more options for searching back issues and identifying articles that are sparking considerable discussion or being forwarded elsewhere.

Still more is coming soon, including forums for discussing anything in higher ed, and an improved Inside Higher Ed for your mobile devices.

Many other things on our site are exactly as they’ve been. You’ll continue to find news articles, opinion pieces, blogs and more every day -- always with interactive features and always free.

The Inside Higher Ed staff has been brainstorming and working on this updated design for months, and we were fortunate to start the process with wish lists sent in by readers of features you’ve wanted. Just about every new feature or change reflects reader e-mails or meetings – and we thank you for your ideas. We also want to thank the exceptionally creative crew at New Signature, a technology design and support company that has helped us plan and execute this project.

Web sites are always works in progress, and ours is no exception. Please e-mail any reactions or questions you have to us at so we can continue to benefit from the great ideas and perspective of our readers. (And you can e-mail hot news tips, too!) We’ll work hard to fix any kinks in the design update and to continue to identify new ways that our journalism can serve you.


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