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Summer Reading from THE NEW YORKER Archive

The New Yorker magazine has opened its archives: enjoy!

July 27, 2014

Vox .com reports that  the New Yorker magazine has opened its archives to the public for the next three months.  Libby Nelson at Vox has selected a dozen articles from the archives, half K-12 and half higher ed, that all make for interesting and informative reading, any time of the year.

The K-12 articles include profiles of Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and former Bush administration education official Diane Ravitch, once a strong advocate for education reform efforts such as No Child Left Behind and now a staunch opponent, plus what happened after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised to invest $100 million to help transform Newark’s public schools.

The higher ed articles Ms. Nelson selected include reporting on the US News and World Report rankings by Malcolm Gladwell, Clay Christensen’s efforts to disrupt higher ed and other sectors, Stanford’s ties to Silicon Valley and what it means for the rest of higher ed, and a profile of Patrick Henry College, an institution that trains faith-based students to be politicians.

Also available from the archive is Laptop U, published last year at the peak of MOOC madness. You may think you know a lot about MOOCs and online ed (and perhaps you really do!)  But  Nathan Heller’s May 2013 article will take you deep into the development work, as a good portion of the article is about the effort at Harvard and by edX to convert a classic Harvard classics course into a MOOC: it’s the hero’s journey,  both challenged and also aided by technology.

So your calendar permitting, settle into a comfortable reading chair, your favorite beverage by your side, and click through the links cited above.  Enjoy!

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