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Florida International University prepares a prior learning assessment pilot in anticipation of granting credit for massive open online courses.
Counseling center directors report that budgets and hiring levels are on the rise -- but staff still struggle to keep pace with an influx of students with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.
Athletes' parents can be especially influential on their kids' career aspirations, and not necessarily in a good way, one study suggests.
Policy makers and higher education researchers grapple with how to reform and overhaul federal income-based repayment programs for student loan borrowers. 
Education Department plans changes in how it evaluates student loan servicers. Consumer advocates and some members of Congress have criticized the department's oversight of the companies. 


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Higher ed leaders need to stop the "sky is falling" rhetoric about a football players' union, writes Daniel J. Julius. The athletes follow a long line of academic employees who turn to collective bargaining when real economic and non-economic needs are ignored.

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When new presidents take office, they need to make judgments based on good information, or they will get rid of those they may most need, writes Tara M. Samuels.


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April 15, 2014
...and other 18th century health advice for the studious

University of Venus

April 15, 2014
Tips for navigating online drama.

Higher Ed Beta

April 14, 2014
The next generation of digital learning technologies.  

The World View

April 14, 2014
Several forms of cross-border or transnational engagement in the higher ed press recently have focused on alternatives to the highly scrutinized brick and mortar international branch campuses.


April 13, 2014
An up-to-date and insightful summary of the state of the Southeast Asian higher education region-building project.

Mama PhD

April 13, 2014
Evidence administrators need to see.

Provost Prose

April 13, 2014
I grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan. Neither of my parents drove and we were a happy mass transit family.


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