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Among ideas discussed at conference: Free cleaning service or catering help in return for service work and use of paid sick days to care for aging parents.
New book argues that education schools too often neglect teacher training -- leaving it up to teachers to figure things out on their own.
Congress approves measure that effectively requires states to offer in-state tuition to recent veterans and their families. The bill won approval over the concerns of some public universities.
The deadly outbreak has a few colleges and universities changing plans, but the countries that have been hit hard are not places that send large numbers to the U.S. or that attract many study abroad students.  


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The career center can't do it all -- professors in liberal arts fields must also take responsibility for their students' job prospects, Patricia Okker argues.

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Christine Helwick describes some of the financial and managerial problems that trip up college leaders -- and how to avoid them.


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College Ready Writing

August 1, 2014
An academic type who doesn't actually enjoy solitude.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

August 1, 2014
Registrars, kids, laptops and wifi.

Student Affairs and Technology

July 31, 2014
Rules, Leadership, Critiques, MOOCS, and Kindness

Mama PhD

July 31, 2014
Wishing safety and support for students.

University of Venus

July 30, 2014
A round-up of views and experiences.  

Higher Ed Beta

July 30, 2014
What the research says.  

Getting to Green

July 30, 2014
Everybody's counting greenhouse gas emissions, but which emissions?  And to what end?


July 30, 2014
My search for MOOCs on Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Gaza came up with...nothing. Zip. Why?

Library Babel Fish

July 29, 2014
It's not so much whether tenure is good for academic librarians but what conditions lead to our best work. 

Law, Policy -- and IT?

July 29, 2014
Privacy, public and private spheres, and more.


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