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Supreme Court finds that Michigan voters had the right to bar public colleges from considering the use of race in admissions.
Lipscomb University shows what competency-based education can look like in its blended form, both in-person and at a liberal arts college.
Incoming students in competency-based programs at Lipscomb University spend a long day trying to prove their baseline skills and behavior, with 30 college credits on the line. 
Complaint charges that Education Department is looking the other way on report of mass violation of the rights of female college athletes.
Notre Dame will require two one-credit courses for all freshmen on studying, wellness and spirituality, but will no longer demand phys ed or the ability to swim.
Federal officials say that some lenders, when a student's loan cosigner dies, declare an automatic default -- with no chance for the student to pay off what is owed.
Report says letting government funds flow to for-profit higher education providers will strengthen production of sub-baccalaurate credentials.


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Academe encourages professors to build ties connected to their research. But Judith Shapiro wants to know why the same attention isn't given to connections related to what goes on in the classroom.

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Faculty members with long to-do lists need to think about when and how to trust others with key tasks, writes Nate Kreuter.


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Confessions of a Community College Dean

April 22, 2014
How to reach significant numbers of adjuncts.

Technology and Learning

April 22, 2014
Thoughts on managing the surfing student.


April 22, 2014
5 Strategies for Increasing Accessibility

Higher Ed Beta

April 22, 2014
New instructional support models.

University of Venus

April 21, 2014
Identity and girlhood connections.

The Education of Oronte Churm

April 20, 2014
If I was starting a press, which I'm not.

The World View

April 20, 2014
OECD has just published results of its assessment of student proficiency in 45 countries and regions of problem-solving at age 15.

Just Visiting

April 20, 2014
America's foremost op-ed columnist needs to decide what we're supposed to do and stick with it.

Provost Prose

April 20, 2014
My relaxation is watching a musical while at the same time, as an economist, I recognize the importance of the theater to the economy of New York.

Mama PhD

April 20, 2014
No longer ignored.


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