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Maryland fires off letters to large and small distance education providers alike in an attempt to find out who's teaching students in the state. Is this quality control or protectionism?
Forget player unionization. The biggest legal threat facing the NCAA may be the lawyer who helped bring about free agency in professional football and basketball.
Faculty at Bergen Community College vote no confidence in president, citing loss of key meetings, changes in planned tenure rules and a disputed interpretation of a "Game of Thrones" quote.
College Board releases more detail on ideas behind the new version of the test -- and some sample questions.


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A new book describes the history of resistance to the income tax. Scott McLemee celebrates April 16 with a look.

Career Advice

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It's not enough to bring a new Ph.D. to campus and say "teach," writes Gary DeCoker. These young academics need a real plan and real mentors.


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April 15, 2014
...and other 18th century health advice for the studious

University of Venus

April 15, 2014
Tips for navigating online drama.

Higher Ed Beta

April 14, 2014
The next generation of digital learning technologies.  

The World View

April 14, 2014
Several forms of cross-border or transnational engagement in the higher ed press recently have focused on alternatives to the highly scrutinized brick and mortar international branch campuses.


April 13, 2014
An up-to-date and insightful summary of the state of the Southeast Asian higher education region-building project.

Mama PhD

April 13, 2014
Evidence administrators need to see.

Provost Prose

April 13, 2014
I grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan. Neither of my parents drove and we were a happy mass transit family.


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