A Norwegian consortium has signed a new kind of subscription deal with Elsevier that includes open-access publishing -- a first for the publisher. But the new rights come at a cost.
University of South Carolina hears from students and professors after a presidential search committee -- one that's mostly male -- proposes four finalists who are all male, three of them white.
Chapman University removes posters from prominent places in its film school after students object to centrality of a work full of racism.
Nine universities in five countries are working together to create a shared infrastructure for digital academic credentials.
Does movement against DePaul scholar -- focused on his tone and rhetoric -- violate academic freedom?
Researcher concludes that increase in Grad PLUS loans did not drive up the price of medical and business schools or increase debt burden of those who enrolled.


Trustees at most institutions won't confront misconduct like we’ve seen recently but rather different problems related to student access and success, Peter Eckel writes.

Career Advice

Ja'Wanda S. Grant provides advice for dealing with brick walls, passing the baton and surviving system crashes.
Higher education institutions recognize the need to optimize resources and reduce operational costs to combat sustainability challenges they face. Aberdeen research has uncovered why, and how, the cloud can support these initiatives. Read their report findings today.


Technology and Learning

April 24, 2019
And why starting with different assumptions can be productive for collaborative scholarship.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

April 24, 2019
That TW and I got married.      


April 23, 2019
And helping your professional organization engage better with graduate students.

Library Babel Fish

April 22, 2019
Reading John Wihbey's new book, The Social Fact: News and Knowledge in a Networked World.

Just Visiting

April 22, 2019
Assessment pros are frustrated by our lousy tools. Me too. Some thoughts on what we can do differently.
The Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research, part of Texas Tech University's College of Education, is launching a mobile autism clinic to bring assistance to underserved, rural communities in West Texas.
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