What a difference a chair makes: study finds female chairs improve departments' gender diversity and equity.
As Amazon green-lights two new headquarters in New York and Northern Virginia, universities and colleges scramble to create a talent pipeline for tens of thousands of high-paying tech jobs.

Community Colleges, Enrollment

More Pell Grant recipients attended community colleges last summer, survey finds, after the federal government reinstated eligibility for year-round grants.
A professor at UT San Antonio was recorded calling the police on an African American student who had propped her feet up on the seat in front of her.

Global, International Higher Education

University moves to acquire a 210-student college in London, the New College of the Humanities, which attracted an all-star roster of visiting professors but has struggled to meet enrollment and financial goals. What's in it for Northeastern and NCH?

Books and Publishing

After years of avoiding public comment about her college years, the former first lady uses autobiography to describe what it was like to be a working-class black student at an elite, predominantly white campus.


Alan R. Townsend describes why he left a top research university to help lead a small liberal arts college.

Career Advice

Abigail Letak explains why she tells her students that she struggles with anxiety and depression.
Although SEC athletic accomplishments tend to garner the national spotlight, the conference is also busy creating unique initiatives to champion the academic achievements of its 14 member universities.



November 14, 2018
Figuring out what stays and what goes in your CV, resume, and/or biographies.

Online: Trending Now

November 14, 2018
Google has dominated search for 20 years. But results today are far too often tainted with information that is incomplete, misleading or false. MIT aims to address that problem with the knowledge graph Underlay.

Technology and Learning

November 14, 2018
The future of persistence in the age of "narrow AI," or deep learning.

The World View

November 13, 2018
The need to attract international students and talent is particularly pressing in Japan where the birthrate is among the lowest in the world, leading to a shrinking youth population and demographic decline. 

Conversations on Diversity

November 13, 2018
There are 12 liberal administrators for every conservative one. What does this mean for our campuses?

Just Visiting

November 13, 2018
Here is my memory of the quadratic equation: plug and chug.

Library Babel Fish

November 12, 2018
Bruce Schneier has some recommendations for making the internet more resilient and secure.

University of Venus

November 11, 2018
UVenus writers share their tips on their writing routines. 

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