Chasing the Lit Mag Photo Essay, 3

Working with NYC street photographer Donato DiCamillo, San Antonio, Texas, January 2018.


February 26, 2018

(Parts 1 and 2)


Mean Mulligan and his wife live a few houses down from Matt. They were walking their pit bull, Angel, and mother-and-son Chihuahuas, Lola and Brewster, when we met them in the neighborhood. (San Antonio’s preferred breeds seem to be pits, Chihuahuas, and wolf-dogs.)

Mean Mulligan wanted us to know that his name and attire were a persona, a time-traveling steampunk dude he’d invented. In real life he’s a contractor and a biker. His Hummer sits in his driveway, because he built an Irish pub in his garage. He invited us for drinks later.


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