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Education for which real world?

Two car ads, two visions of reality.

March 26, 2015

Even if you're not a sustainability wonk, you may remember Cadillac's ad for its plug-in hybrid, shown during the Olympics.  I know I do.  I love the fact that Cadillac offers a plug-in hybrid, but I still grind my teeth when I think of the ad.  See if you can figure out why:



So it was with particular glee that I learned of a parody created by Ford's in-house advertising agency:



As far as I know, the Ford ad isn't scheduled to be broadcast -- one can only hope.  But I do think the two spots highlight two very different visions of the world.  Of, if you will, of the American Dream.  One which has dominated popular consciousness at least since J.R. Ewing first appeared on the small screen, and one which I hope will come to similar prominence over the near future.

The question for each college and university, and it's far more serious than this light-hearted spoof might imply, is simple.  Which world are we educating our students to inhabit?  To succeed in?  To create?


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