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Grad Students Beyond Grad School

Taking a look at the cool things grad students are doing in the world.

September 19, 2018

Here at GradHacker, we tend to focus on the negative side of graduate school: problems that need solving, inconveniences that need addressing, support that needs giving. However, every couple of months we focus on the really cool things that graduate students are doing in the world. On how graduate students are using their expertise to change things for the better, make someone’s life easier, or just create something nifty.

Heather: I am one of those people who really loves true crime (SSDGM, of course). Yet, you can’t be interested in this subject without recognizing how profoundly blind the justice system can be to women of color. So when I heard NPR’s profile of Annita Lucchesi, a doctoral student at the University of Lethbridge, I was enthralled. Lucchesi’s research, a compilation of missing persons reports, proves that we face a crisis: native women in North America are disappearing and being murdered at an alarming rate. Her work, honestly, exemplifies what graduate students can do.

Ingrid: I discovered Christine Liu’s art by chance when one of her many insightful tweets about academia appeared on my Twitter feed a few months ago. I’m so happy she popped up. As co-founder of Two Photon Art, Christine, a PhD candidate in neuroscience at UC Berkeley, has released STEM-related zines, workbooks, and pins to support social justice issues from voting to water crises. Their latest project is a #STEMtoo zine, with submissions due October 1st. Follow her on Twitter for more!

[Image is from Flickr user Stephen Rahn and is in the Public Domain]


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