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Condolences to the Solomon Family

A summer student at John Cabot.


July 5, 2016

For my third year as a Visiting Professor of Communications and Law for a summer session, I am back at John Cabot University in Rome. Teaching two courses this summer, an introduction to the culture, law and politics of the Internet and a course focused on Internet privacy, I anticipate a few posts about the topics that we will cover in the weeks to follow. 

Today I write to express deep, sympathetic condolences to the family and friends of Beau Solomon.  Mr. Solomon was a U.S. summer student who was to begin classes today at John Cabot. Over the weekend, he died.  The exact causes remain unknown. His parents must now face that unimaginable challenge of burying a child. 

John Cabot is a solid administrative and academic institution. President Franco Pavoncello and Dean Mary Merva, as well as all of the faculty and staff, are sincere, authentic and caring people. Everyone works with extreme diligence to bring students from the United States in particular but also from all over Europe, the Middle East and Asia to this American University abroad for regular semesters plus two summer sessions each year.  John Cabot has graduates in Italy, the European Union, in the United States, North Africa and the Middle East, Eastern Europe and in many other locations around the world.  As a testament: my own son, Sam, who is matriculated at Elon University, is here with his friend since second grade, Ian, who goes to Ithaca College (and whose parents teach there) to take courses this summer.  I have full and complete faith in the administration, faculty and staff at John Cabot. 

Altogether at John Cabot, we mourn this terrible loss.  Tonight the community will join hands in a vigil for Mr. Solomon.  Our hearts go out to his parents, brothers and friends of the family. 


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