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Crazy Thought

MacArthur 100 Million and Change.

September 27, 2016

Back in the June, I registered to apply for this generous grant on the theory of an application to create a center for global internet governance.  Global internet governance would touch myriad aspects from commerce to culture but central to the need of such an entity at this historical moment would be to address the rules of engagement for cybersecurity.  One only need read the headlines or listen to the issues that crop up in presidential debates to recognize the significance of this issue.  While hunger, disease, poverty and sustainability are all eminently worthy topics for an award, ones that other foundations have already addressed, this one remains undone and ever pressing by the moment.

Circumstances are such that on behalf of my institution, this application cannot be made at this point.  I inquired into the Foundation and learned that I can re-assign it.  Mind you, eager reader, you have ONE WEEK now to make the application. 

Anyone (entity) want to take it?  Contact me at: [email protected]  And  make it quick!

And if not, in three years when the opportunity rolls back around for this grant, I pledge to once again be on it.


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