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A New TED-Ed Career Resource for Students

Letting students know the options.

August 13, 2013

As discussed in a recent StratEDgy post, students can often feel overwhelmed by the idea of choosing a career path. TED-Ed announced last week that they are creating another resource for these students - a new career exploration series called, “Click Your Fortune.”



TED-Ed cites the statistic from the U.S. Department of Labor which predicts, “65% of school-aged students will work in jobs and industries that haven’t been invented yet.” With the days of the traditional options of, ‘doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer’ long gone, exploring different options seems more important than ever. TED-Ed’s approach lends support for career exploration and discovery early in a student’s life.

They are now looking for teachers, guidance counselors and students to provide feedback on this series – some of whom have already offered suggestions.

With so many fields and opportunities constantly emerging, perhaps the biggest challenge will be to ensure a broad and current array are represented.


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