Building Community at #JiscDigLead

The Jisc Digital Leaders Programme

October 26, 2016

“Become a digitally-informed and empowered leader and learn how to help your organisation respond more effectively to technology-driven change.”

The Jisc Digital Leaders Programme had been on my professional "radar" since its debut in October of 2015. Featuring several of the "usual suspects" from the UK's higher (and further) education digital scene, I noted the hashtag (#JiscDigLead) and focused on my own calendar of autumnal consulting activities.

Due to an opening in this year's fall cohort, I was invited by Jisc to attend the full 4 day (split into 2 parts) residential program. Curious to see what programme entailed, I said "yes" and ended up with a positive learning, networking, and leadership-building experience.

Given that a lot of my work mirrors and/or has similarities with the aims of the programme, I was excited to be an active participant. Hosted at the excellent conference centre at Loughborough University, the digital leaders programme cohort was made up of mostly higher education professionals from functional areas including libraries, information technology, technology enhanced learning, online education, senior management, and more.

One of the first activities that we did as a group was to delve into a visitors and residents activity. "VandR" is a way of mapping the digital spaces that you inhabit on a regular basis.

Visitors and Residents instead of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants at the Jisc Digital Leaders Programme. Filtered using the Prisma app.



Having never done this particular activity, it was fascinating to see how #vandr generated various conversations throughout the 4 day program. Because everyone uses digital channels in their own unique style, the maps that we all made provided a lot of room for discussion and exploration.

Per usual, the hashtag for the event was used as a sounding board for ideas, comments, questions, and resources.









All in all, the Jisc Digital Leaders Programme was about people, organisations, and the creation of a community of practice. I found the programme to be quite beneficial and would highly recommend it.

For future participants, it's important to note that the workshop structure and content will always be evolving due to the changing nature of all things "digital"...and that's a good thing.


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