Reading and Leading: VPSAs and the EDUCAUSE #Top10ITIssues List

Getting digital with the student experience

March 20, 2019

The EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues List is a must-read for higher education CTOs/CIOs. This year's list focuses on the “student genome.” The idea being that the central focus for university IT revolves around the student experience with a special emphasis on student success.

This year's list (with links back to EDUCAUSE) includes a lot of topics that are either directly connected to or related to the mission of a lot of student affairs functional areas:

  1. Information Security Strategy
  2. Student Success
  3. Privacy
  4. Student-Centered Institution
  5. Digital Integrations
  6. Data-Enabled Institution
  7. Sustainable Funding
  8. Data Management and Governance
  9. Integrative CIO
  10. Higher Education Affordability

Digital impacts the student experience in a number of ways. Therefore it makes perfect sense that student affairs leaders would welcome the chance for an increase in strategic discussions/actions/policies that take a holistic look at the impact and influence of institution-wide technologies.

The Top 10 IT Issues list spans the entire student journey. Success for students is a complex set of experiences that take place both in and out of classrooms.

Additionally, the increased prevalence of digital literacy/capability/fluency initiatives in higher education means that student affairs divisions are positioned in a unique capacity to lead and/or contribute to these programs.

A growing number of university student affairs divisions have a senior leader whose remit is to lead all things within SA that have to do with information technology. However, a lot of student affairs divisions still rely heavily on their vice president of student affairs (VPSA) to provide direction/leadership in the context of IT issues that enhance/influence student success.

EDUCAUSE has clustered the IT Issues list into three themes: Empowered Students, Trusted Data, and 21st Century Business Strategies.

University CIOs, CTOs, and VPSAs all have responsibility in myriad ways over technology and the student experience. The opportunity for cross-department collaboration has never been greater (or more necessary).

In today's higher education environment, university IT cannot be successful without students and students cannot be successful without university IT.

If the EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues is new to you or your SA divisional leader, please take a look at the list. It's a worthwhile read that will definitely provide useful information for the modern VPSA who wants to “get digital.”



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Image Credit - EDUCAUSE (PDF)

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